My APP that I created Total Control TaeKwonDo was at the time like nothing else available! This APP was way ahead of it's time and actually at the foundation is how II learned TaeKwonDo BUT the challenge was making an APP to encompass the fundamentals of TaeKwonDo without an instructor in person.  It took a lot of creativity and planning to make it happen but I enjoyed every minute of it as I love being creative with everything I engage in. So one of my favorite sayings is I like to think outside of the box! That includes almost everything in my life from how I run the Dogs to my Martial Arts Career etc. Thats again how this APP came about, thinking outside of the box is so important  to me because of my Dyslexia (Learning Disability) because people with these disabilities like me don't learn the same as formula orientated learners. So in a sense when I needed to or wanted to learn something I needed to be taught another way. This need for me has inspired me in so many ways and I have created all these websites and share so much of what I do to pay it forward and hope to inspire others.