Bill Becomes A Partner In A Local Pet Store

Wet Pet Under Bill Becomes Wet Pet's Zoopermarket

Bill had been keeping tropical fish since he was 12 & absolutely fell in love with the hobby! He also grew to keep turtles, snakes & lizards. He really took to these creatures and learned so much about them all, so when an opportunity came to be involved as an owner in local pet store he jumped on it.  Bill was vey excited to become a partner in the Wet Pet Store as he had got lots of his critters and supplies there over the years. Bill partnered with the original owner Stan who welcomed a little youth with Bill into his store. Bill & Stan remodeled the whole store and became one of the areas's primer pet stores! Bill learned so much about the pet business from Stan and also the customers on a daily bases would ask for and shop for products that were just not on the market at the time. A lightbulb lit up in Bill that maybe he could get a little creative and produce somehow some of these products people were asking for and Bill knew they had some merit being a hobbyist as well. So about two years later Bill got out of the retail pet business to go into the pet manufacturing/distributing business, this is where things get way interesting.

Petscape Pet Products is Born

Bill armed with about a dozen product ideas was in touch with a good friend from school who was in a family business selling a few products to retail stores and at hobby shows all over the USA. His friend therefore had the experience and knowledge of what it takes to get products in retail stores and how to work shows to get products into the limelight! Bill's friend loved the product ideas and they formed a partnership in about 1995 called Petscape Pet Products. The most interesting aspect about their whole Petscape endeavor is that they took products from other industries here in the USA and of course made sure they were pet safe and just repackaged them for the pet industry. Petscape really became an overnight rock star hit especially after debuting their products at The Atlantic City Pet Trade show. Bill, with his expertise of reptiles and small animals had another friend who was in the glass business build Petscape some INCREDIBLE one of a kind glass enclosures for small animals. These enclosures though Petscape was not going to sell them as they were to much to produce and ship, but they got so much interest  (like a magnet) at the Pet Trade Show that everyone came to their booth and placed orders for our other cool products1 Petscaope was now on the map.

Bill Opens A Kiosk Shop Called DOGNY

In between discovering Dog-Powerd Sports, Bill and His Petscape Pet Products Company  was offered an opportunity to have a Kiosk at a large shopping venue in Maryland near the Baltimore Washington International Airport. This venue was brand new and really popular it was called Arundel Mills Mall. So Bill created a Kiosk with unique pet products and his up and coming Dog-Powered Sports line. He called the Kiosk Shop DOGNY It was very cool and people were loving all the new products and ideas for people with pets. Here's some pictures below.

Bill Started Dog-Powered Sports & Nicknames It FurWheelDrive!

Bill's Catalog of Some of His Dog-Powered Sports Gear

Early Dog-Powered Sports/WooFDriver Videos

Bill Becomes The North American Distributor For The Sacco Cart