Bill Develops The Walk For A Dog App

As Bill became an avid Dog-Powered Sports enthusiast he realized there wasn't a good way to track his runs with his dogs. Yes devices like Garmin watch design ForRunner models were available and that's what Bill was using but it wasn't all he thought it could be. Smart phones were getting popular and technology was on fire. He thought maybe he could develop an app to track his activities with his dogs and maybe others would find it useful even for just walking their dog. So Bill contacted a business acquaintance who specialized in software development to help him design and produce such an app. So much time and thought was going on as Bill and his business acquaintance really worked hard on what this app could do. Then a light bulb went off. Bill had always wanted to find a way  he could raise money for animal rescues and shelters. What Bill was doing by running his dogs on bikes and carts (Dog-Powered Sports) was a real attention getter as many were interested. So Bill thought it would be appealing for companies to sponsor him on his Dog-Powered Adventures and he could travel all over his area on the east coast of the USA to have a larger audience to appeal to these potential sponsors. The app could serve as a way to track and document Bill's adventures and the sponsors could maybe donate on a per mile basis. Well when Bill's business acquaintance heard this he and Bill had a meeting of the minds. They weren't sure the technology was there yet but suppose they could create an app that would track people as they walk their dog and Bill & company could find sponsors to donate on a per mile basis to shelters and rescues. WOW!! That's how The Walk For A Dog App was born. Bill's business acquaintance was eager to work with Bill to make this happen and he had the knowledge but he didn't have the resources. So Bill and him partnered as Bill would fund the project including the pay for his new partner as he would have to quit his current job/business to focus on developing the Walk For A Dog App. So Bill was essentially funding most if not all of the project and it was a costly venture BUT Bill knew if they could make this happen it may change the lives of dogs and other animals everywhere! As they were developing the app there were communications with shelters and rescues to really find out how the Walk For A Dog App could best help these shelters and rescues. In particular they made good friends with The BARCS Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter In Maryland being close to Bill. Bill even went on to PACE a walk they had at their BARCSTOBERFEST for raising money for the shelter. Bill at the time was also was producing music about his dog lifestyle so he produced a song for the Walk For A Dog App and had the artists perform it at the BARCSTOBERFEST, it was truly a memorable event for all!  In addition Bill became BARCS Hometown Hero for the day on another charity event they were having. So today the Walk For A Dog App has changed a bit but still has the same goals of raising money for animal rescues and shelters. Bill got Walk For A Dog as far as he could and turned the reigns over to his partner that he funded with the hopes that the Walk For A Dog App will prosper and change the lives of many dogs and other animals for many years to come.



Bill With Local News Personality Denise Koch Mushing The Dogs At The BARCSTOBERFEST For  WALK FOR A DOG