Bill Becomes The Curator Of The Presidential Pet Museum

Circa 2018 Bill Helman had the opportunity to become the curator of the Presidential Pet Museum. The Presidential Pet Museum  was founded by a White House Dog Groomer who made a famous piece of artwork of a portrait of Ronald Reagan's dog Lucky using the dog's actual hair. Some other really interesting artifacts of the Presidential Pet Museum include a cow bell from some of the last cows to roam the White House grounds under President Tafts administration as well as other paintings/portraits that were done with dog’s hair from dogs’ of both Presidents Bush! Bill was really enamored when he learned of so much history of animals in the White House and how they were part of American History that isn’t as well known or talked about. There are some over the top stories that are sure to knock your socks off and capture your attention. It’s all documented on The Presidential Pet Museum’s Website listed president by president.  So needless to say Bill jumped on this once in a lifetime opportunity and took the Presidential Pet Museum under his wing and to this day has been working on it to share the wealth of a different kind of history that will almost always put smile on any animals lover’s face. 

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