From the recording Live Clean, Run Wild


Live Clean, Run Wild!!

Live clean run wild is the WooFDriver’s guide in how he likes to ride!!  My journey in life is to accomplish goals that are important to me but not feel obligated instead feel free!  

I am the WooFDriver and I have so much fire burning in me to explore all my dreams. My dogs have showed me the trail and constantly take me there to set sail!!

In my life like the dogs, I strive to ride the path of least resistance and make my existence as soft and uncomforming  as water. This gentle flow is always calming and in sunlight will shine with a beauty that is alluring!!

The movement and power of water can always be transformed  into a  wave of force that is unstoppable so we must manage it's course!!  That is where balance must be sourced.

This awesome power that can form instantly can  reflect our lives and all we can be. Flowing energy can empower our minds and devour our negative side. If we can ride that energy we can achieve almost anything!!

But if we are rigid and closed minded are bodies can hit the surface without a defined purpose!!  If we focus our body and free our mind we can dive in and the water will give freely the way it should be!!

Water takes shape from the boundaries that surround it make!! Be water and define your own borders, be uncorforming and free and live all of your dreams!!